Activities / ِAchievements

Significant Notes for 2015/2016


Beauty Committee
  • Rate of Students Creative Activities (such as Wall Painting، Classroom Library، Umbrellas...) During the year was 106.62%
  • Rate of school greenareas to the one still need to work on 97%


Cleaning Committee
  • Rate for Class Room Board Maintenance During the year 101.3% 
  • Rate of Health Care Facilities Maintenance During the year 97.14% 


Displane Committee

  • Percentage of  latecomers students  to the total students school number 100%
  • Percentage of dropouts students to the total students school number 100%


Health Committee
  • Number of workshop, lectures giving to students during the year 100.63% 
  • Number of educational workshops for students and community about the healthy food during the year 97.83%