The Award Association

About QRA

The Association of Queen Rania Al Abdullah Award for Excellence in Education was founded in 2005 by a sublime royal initiative, with complete awareness of the importance of education in building a society of productive individuals who can think independently, and with great faith in the educators’ role in teaching principles of excellence and inspiring positive thinking within generations to come.

New horizons in educational excellence to empower future generations.
Honoring Educators, Motivating & Empowering the Distinguished & Innovative, Disseminating a Culture of Excellence & Creativity & Diffuse its Impact, & Contributing to Knowledge Creation


  1. Build community partnership to assess educators, and enrich their role in the development of education and promote it in the community.
  2. Strengthening the educational sector by providing knowledge, Criteria, information, data and consultancy services.
  3. Continuously develop and improve upon internationally accredited models and processes in order to identify, reward and encourage educational excellence and creativity to create educational development.
  4. Empowering distinguished educators as agents of change, and disseminating the culture of excellence along with success stories to deepen the culture of excellence and innovation in the field of education.

Legal Status:

The Association of Queen Rania Al Abdullah Award for Excellence in Education is an independent association registered in the Ministry of Social Development in Jordan. The Award is managed by a trust committee headed by her Majesty Queen Rania Al-Abdullah. The association works in cooperation with concerned institutions and parties that have consulting and technical expertise.