The joy of Eid "Farhet Eid"

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The area that I live in suffers from the lack of having entertainment areas for kids, especially in Eid day, while their Eid ends after one hour of wearing Eid clothes. Here... my job as a mother and school principal comes as taking care of drawing a smile on their faces continuously and in order to achieve this I have to think about what would make them feel comfortable in accepting school and attend it; to make them love it more and improve the way to attend it as describing it as a road to future and education.

Therefore I liked to plant joy in their hearts and spread happiness inside them, so I made "Farhet Eid Festival"; to improve true human feeling with students to enjoy Eid atmosphere, therefore I created this event that school and local society collaborate in to open school doors in Eid day in order to enter happiness in students' hearts and put a work plan and divided the work on groups as planned curriculum, then I created a group on Whats App to increase the collaboration of the event and coordinate working in it.

My project succeeded, I could draw the smile on the faces of 400 children that have been picked up from my school and other schools, like Al Qadisia, Al Rashadia, Da'na and Grindel from 3 to 12 years old with parents, Ambassadors of the Award and collaborators from the area, we could provide blowouts and draw on faces and a lot of games to spread happiness and joy in Eid atmosphere, The success continued in welcoming the idea from sons of the community and the desire of parents to spread it, so I documented events on social media platforms; to spread the idea and transform it to other schools, while school became a road to education and future in students view. 

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