QRAE announces winners of higher education scholarships


In line with its mission to motivate distinguished educators, who have become ambassadors of excellence, and hone their skills, the Association of Queen Rania Al Abdullah Award for Excellence in Education (QRAE) recently announced the winners of scholarships at Jordanian universities .

The scholarships are offered to distinguished educators in appreciation of their efforts in the field to encourage them to work towards revolutionising education. The scholarships are presented through QRAE’s partnerships with public universities and educational institutes .

This year, the Association has selected 11 distinguished educators who have won its awards in previous years, offering them scholarships to obtain a master’s degree, a higher diploma or a bachelor’s degree. This raises the total beneficiaries of QRAE scholarships to 67 since the award was launched in 2006, 61 of whom received MA scholarships, while five and one received scholarships for a higher diploma and a BA respectively .

The winners were selected based on specific criteria announced to the educators within their work agreement as ambassadors of the award, ensuring their commitment, motivation, support and added value .

For her part, QRAE Executive Director Ms. Lubna Touqan stressed the importance of building the capacities of distinguished teachers to enable them to innovate in their field within their role as leaders of change in society .

“Allowing distinguished educators the chance to continue their higher education will enable them to develop themselves further, which will greatly benefit the education sector. They have been recognised as distinguished educators due to their dedication and belief in their mission; therefore, these opportunities will motivate them to give more to their students, schools and communities,” Ms Touqan added, thanking the Association’s partners for their continuous support to the QRAE in its mission to motivate and recognise educators .

The distinguished educators selected for the 2014 scholarships are Ibtisam Saeed Khanfar (Rusaifa), Amal Khalil Absi (Madaba), Khawla Yousef Al Atram (Central Amman), Medhat Ahmad Azzeh (Wadi Al Seir); who received MA scholarship at the University of Jordan, while Majid Ishaq Hamid (Marka) received a BA scholarship at the University of Jordan .

In addition, the QRAE renewed its agreement with the University of Jordan this year by modifying the article on BA scholarships to include them within the parallel programme, ensuring that they benefit more distinguished educators .

Jaber Ahmad Jaber (Zarqa Second District) and Fotouh Abdul Rahman Khareeta (Central Amman) won MA scholarships at the Hashemite University, while Haya Hassan Al Daoud (Ramtha) and Iman Ameen Riyahi (Central Irbid) won MA scholarships at Yarmouk University .

At Mutah University, Iman Abdul Hafeeth Al Harasneh (Al Qasr) and Fathiyeh Abdullah Khawaldeh (Basira) won MA scholarships .

The QRAE will continue to offer scholarships and English language courses to its award ambassadors through partnerships with public universities and educational institutes, which also entail commitments to spreading the culture of excellence by adopting the Association’s standards in the curricula of educational sciences faculties and benefiting from distinguished educators’ expertise in training students at these faculties .

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