The Queen Rania Al Abdullah Distinguished Teacher Award

Quick brief about the award: Her Majesty Queen Rania Al-Abdullah launched the “Distinguished Teacher Award”, the first award to fall under the Association’s umbrella, in 2006 to promote the educators’ role in the overall educational process and in conveying principles of excellence and creativity, and to foster their ability to positively influence the new generation’s way of thinking so as to raise productive thinkers who have a sense of belonging to their society.

Moreover, as a way to contribute to the development of education and the accurate selection of distinguished teachers, the award’s standards are objective and comply with the standards of similar Arab and international awards. They are set by a group of Jordanian educators so as to respond to the needs of the Jordanian education society. Special correction rules have also been implemented to assess these standards.

The Queen Rania Al Abdullah Distinguished Teacher Award is focused on the following pillars:

  • The Student
  • Processes
  • Results
  • Integrity and Transparency
  • Fairness