Queen Rania Award for Excellence offers educational worksheets in a workshop held at Yarmouk University


The Queen Rania Al Abdullah Award for Excellence in Education participated in a conference held at the Education faculty in Yarmouk University titled: “Education: Challenges and New Outlooks” the day before yesterday.

The conference aims to set forth future visions for curriculum development, introduce the latest technologies for incorporating technologies in the teaching process, familiarize participants with challenges faced and future plans for managing educational institutions, as well as present recommendations and existing models for improving the teaching and learning process. Through its participation, the Association’s aimed to shed light on the value it is adding in the field of education through the outcomes it is creating in terms of excellence standards, winners, activities of the winners’ club and its database. Chief Executive Officer of the Association Lubna Touqan presented a worksheet titled “The Added Value of the Queen Rania Award Association for Excellence in Education in the Public Sector for Improving the Quality of Education”.


The worksheet highlighted the Association’s added value through developing the winners’ skills within the activities of the winners’ club and offering them different growth opportunities to motivate them and allow them to make an impact in the field of education. Moreover, it also highlighted its adoption of the standards of excellence and sharing the same with concerned parties.


The sheet encouraged other Arab countries to adopt excellence awards and invest in their outcomes to ensure supporting success stories and the spread of the culture of excellence in educational institutions so as to allow winners to become role models of change and powerful tools for developing education as a whole.

Abeer Shboul, receiver of the Outstanding Teacher Award in 2008 who works as an educational supervisor in the Ministry of Education, presented a sheet titled” The Reality of Using Static Teaching Methods by Kindergarten Teachers in Ramtha, and the Challenges Created as a Result”. This sheet was inspired by the importance of using different teaching methods and their role in promoting the quality of education and children’s results, as well as discovering the challenges faced when using these methods.