Renewal of the cooperation agreement between the QRA and the Hashemite University


Amman – Addustour newspaper – Niveen Abdulhadi


The Association of Queen Rania Award for Excellence in Education and the Hashemite University announced the renewal of their cooperation agreement whereby the university will provide scholarships for award winners.

Under the terms of the agreement, the Hashemite University must change the four vocational diploma scholarships that it offers annually to higher diplomas in Education, pursuant to the amendments issued by the Civil Service Bureau (CSB) which consider vocational diplomas as training courses rather than a post-graduate program. The university will continue to offer two scholarships for a Master’s program every year, and will give the award winners the opportunity to participate in the educational process training course designed for students studying Education, and appear as guests in the program to share their success stories and exchange experiences with the attendees. The Queen Rania Distinguished Teacher and Principal Awards’ standards will also be added to the study plans as part of the new agreement.

According to the Queen Rania Al Abdullah Award for Excellence in Education Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Lubna Touqan, the Hashemite University has a great role in promoting the competencies of educators and developing their knowledge and skills. She added that these scholarships are an integral part of a set of incentives that aim to hone the skills of winners, increase their understanding of their roles as ambassadors of the award in their schools and local communities, and become a role model for other educators and entrepreneurs that aim to make a difference in their communities by finding solutions to common problems faced in everyday life.

President of the Hashemite University Dr. Kaman Bani Hani stressed on the importance of the support given by the university for its crucial role in institutionalizing the relationships between all parties concerned with developing teachers’ skills, which has a positive impact on the educational process as a whole. He also emphasized that the university will support the winners as well as outstanding educators and students within its capacity and in line with the university’s goal to reach excellence and participate in promoting knowledge, and its vision of effectively participating in achieving the national development objectives.

The total number of post-graduate scholarship receivers in the Hashemite University was 14 between 2008-2016, 11 of which received scholarships to study Master’s programs, while 3 received scholarships for a Diploma program.