Winners' Incentives

Incentives given to distinguished teachers: the incentives begin with a royal event organised by the Award Association every year under the patronage of Her Majesty Queen Rania Al-Abdullah, where the selected distinguished teacher receive numerous monetary and non-monetary awards. Non-monetary awards are represented in a royal honouring and certificates of excellence and appreciation. While the monetary awards are mainly the following:

National winners of certificates of excellence will receive:

  • First place: 4,000 JOD (Four Thousand Jordanian Dinars/ distinguished teacher)
  • Second place: 3,000 JOD (Three Thousand Jordanian Dinars/ distinguished teacher)
  • Third place: 2,000 JOD (Two Thousand Jordanian Dinars/ distinguished teacher)
  • National winners of certificates of appreciation will receive 400 JOD (Four Hundred Jordanian Dinars/ teacher)

After being honoured by the royal family and receiving the aforesaid awards, the Award Association begins a journey with the distinguished teachers to support their career growth and help them spread the spirit of excellence to develop the educational process as a whole. The association also offers the following activities, incentives and grants to distinguished teachers as mentioned in the work agreement:

  • Academic opportunities:
    • Post Graduate scholarships (Master’s degree)
    • Post graduate scholarships (Vocational Diploma)
    • Bridging program scholarships for Bachelor’s degrees
  • Technical development opportunities:
    • English courses
    • Cultural Educational Forum for Private Schools
    • Other technical development activities – based on the support received from institutions
  • Opportunities from the Ministry of Education:
    • Job promotion according to specific standards
    • Extra points for scholarship eligibility
  • Opportunities to spread word about excellence in teaching
    • Knowledge/ practice societies (My Environment is Beautiful)
    • Media interviews
    • Becoming an ambassador of the award in the field of education